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Our Quest

Our Founder began her quest to find ingredients, & was surprised to discover, how thoughtfully Mother Nature has planted several health benefits in many Naturally occurring Food Grains, Cereals, Pulses; etc.  

Its like, easy Natural solutions to majority of our problems are right in front of our eyes, but we have missed them. Probably due to their individual tastes not been found to be attractive enough by our Taste Buds.

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We decided to focus on best possible way to harness these Natural treasures in a way to lure Child’s Taste Buds, provide best Nutrition at affordable cost.

The Goal, that we set for our experts was to delight Child’s Taste Buds first & then the ideal Nutrition, within the usual budget of Indian households.

Our Experts began experimenting with various food grains, Cereals, Pulses, Spices; etc. & after several months of efforts, finally we created an ideal formula, rich in Nutrition, Taste.

We tried several combinations of all ingredients to get unique Taste, Aroma & right proportion of Nutritional values.

After several iterations, we discovered a perfect formula with high Energy, Proteins & low trans-fats. Lab Report, certifying Nutritional Value.

While doing this, we have carefully kept the harmful preservatives out of all our efforts.

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Every ingredient is carefully processed to ensure its Nutrition is kept intact while its best Taste & Aroma is been brought out to delight Taste Buds of your Child.

Our Chefs have crafted several sumptuous recipes of tasty snacks with Snack-n-Nutri.

A Mother can easily make variety of Tasty & Nutritious snacks to delight Taste Buds of her Child.

Many Mothers, have already began their journey with us to rightly shape Food Habits of their Children.   

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