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ओजात्मन is founded by a Mother of an 11 year old child.

A Mother in her was horrified to se outbreaks of disease & growing Healthcare costs, which seriously endangered the life she created. The Life, she created is the most precious for us.

Her quest began, with a search for economical but effective means, Methods, Products that would pre-empt & prevent the state of 'Disease', to a maximum possible extent. Careful observation of her own life & many around her, taught her that, Mother Nature has blessed us all with a miraculous ability to heal on its own, but we end up messing it up.

Our founder's quest is now supported by many experts, who believe and want this mission to succeed. 

ओजात्मन began taking shape & started growing slowly with like-minded Mothers joining hands.

ओजात्मन owes its existence to Mothers, associating with us & strengthening our will to collectively succeed.

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Vatsal Enterprises

224C/2, Pandurang Wadi,

JSS Road, Girgaon,

Mumbai, Maharashtra.


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