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The Purpose

Mother Nature blesses every Child with the Best. Every Child is borne with an ideal Prakriti at its birth. This includes natural ability of body to heal on its own.

Child's Food habits have direct impact on this Natural Ability.

Child's developing Taste Buds, play a vital role in shaping its Food Habits. Its only the taste of the Food that attracts a child, & not its Nutrition.

Taste Buds usually make Child getting attracted & habituated to tasty but unhealthy food. Harmful contents of such food, slowly start weakening body's inner strength.

Many Experts say, growing Health complications like, Obesity amongst Children, are mainly due to their unhealthy Food Habits, that are influenced by their Taste Buds.

ओजात्मन is a Mother's movement to protect the life she created by shaping its Food Habits Economically & Effectively.

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